11.12.18 Damien “Phoenix” Montoya

Local guy Damien Montoya has launched into the spotlight after he let everyone at work know he is Trans.


With the encouragement of his then-girlfriend, Damien adopted the stage name “Phoenix” and hit the runways.


Damien said he never even pictured modeling..wasn’t even on his radar.  But the response was huge and photographers were reaching out to him to take his picture.  He’s a professional and enjoys his UMASS job immensely but is willing to see where this modeling thing will go.

After participating in an all-Trans runway show for Marco-Marco Underwear he’s getting use to the Worcester to NYC trip.

Damien is also an Activists who is very much an open book… he gets into his journey, how to handle curious people and his positive, commonsense and warm vibe will put you at ease.  Approachable and welcoming Damien shares with Joe many of his views and hopes.

Give a listen and share.  You will find this Phoenix a breath of fresh air.

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